Kim Lab of Single Cell Systems Biology
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Biology Department
School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pennsylvania
103I Lynch Laboratory
433 S University Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA

off: (215) 746-5187
lab: (215) 898-8395
fax: (215) 898-8780


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Login Access

Use SSH (version 2) to access the Kim cluster.

  • Macintosh users can use the SSH client that comes with OS X.

FTP Access

Use sftp ("secure ftp") to access the Kim cluster.

VNC Access

VNC is accessible via a ssh tunnel to the Kim cluster (see ConfiguringVNC).

VNC should only be run on kimclust15, to reduce the impact of VNC on the cluster workstations. Within your VNC server, please disable the screen saver, to reduce the computational load of your VNC server. Contact StephenFisher if you have questions about how to change the window manager, disable your screen saver, etc.

  • Mac VNC clients:
    • Chick of the VNC:
      • This is a free VNC client and requires that you independently set up an SSH tunnel prior to connecting to the VNC server. If you are rarely using VNC, then this is a good option and Stephen can help you with the configuration.
    • Jolly Fast VNC:
      • If you use VNC regularly, then contact Stephen to get a license for Jolly Fast VNC.