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Sample data provenance from 1,347 RNAseq samples.

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ORNASEQ: Ontology for RNA sequencing.

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Documentation outlining our RNA-Seq schema.

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PIVOT released (replacing IDV); an extensive R-based GUI for the visualization and analysis of RNASeq data.

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RNA-Seq Metadata Schema

Maintained by Stephen Fisher License (pdf)

The Kim and Eberwine labs created the following schema to capture what we consider to be necessary metadata for RNA-Seq samples. This schema was derived in part through the efforts of the NIH Single Cell Analysis Program (SCAP-T) and the SCAP-T project used a variant of this schema.

Metadata is captured to document the subject, pre-sequencing sample preparations, sequencing, and post-sequencing analysis. The schema is designed as a relational database, although ancillary tables have been left out of the schema (e.g. table mapping samples to flowcells).

This schema was last updated July 2017.