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Documentation outlining our RNA-Seq schema.

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PIVOT released (replacing IDV); an extensive R-based GUI for the visualization and analysis of RNASeq data.

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PESS has been released and is available for download with source code.

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VERSE RNASeq quantifier has been released and is available for download.

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Comparative yeast time-series gene expression

Maintained by Daniel Simola License (pdf)


Heterochronic evolution reveals modular timing changes in budding yeast transcriptomes

Daniel F Simola, Chantal Francis, Paul D Sniegowski, Junhyong Kim
Genome Biology 2010, 11:R105 (22 October 2010)

Download the expression data

Normalized data are stored as tab-delimited text files. Raw data are stored in SAS (one data point per-line) format.

Map files for expression data

GAL files

Platform information

Our microarrays are printed using the Operon AROS v1.1 for S. cerevisiae platform. For more information, see Operon's web page.


Include methods for cDNA synthesis from RNA, Dye coupling, slide preparation, hybridization, slide cleanup, and reagent list.